Adieu: My Nest Of Many Firsts

(Everyone of us has a special bond with their first home after marriage. This is written after leaving it and shifting to a new one)

How not I’ll miss you

When my new life’s journey commenced with you

You welcomed me with utmost grace

While I was melancholic leaving my base

You are the only witness to my tears

You only know how much I was anxious and had fears

You share our laughter and joys

And now you were full of my little ones toys

You were there when we welcomed our heart

And gladly you lay bared for my nipper’s cart

You had been our moppet’s nest

And mind you, you were really the very best

Four years, seventeen days I owe so much to you dear

Leaving you sure I’ll be in tears

New faces will come and you’ll again enlighten

It’s just a while that you’ll frighten

Surely, you’ll wrap your new inhabitants around your cozy arms

And slowly you‘ll conform to their very charm

With time they’ll conquer your heart

And am sure you‘ll care no less to do your part

Happily my dear, bid us adieu

Pray for us that we don’t get blue

You go your own way, we‘ll go on our own

Sad we even can’t connect on any phone

May be sometime we‘ll come and stop by

Just to watch you from a distance and then fly

Years will roll down and your competitors will grow

But trust me my dear, your memoirs will always cleave and glow.


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