These little fingers

Oh you my tiny happiness bringer

You give me joys and liveliness untold

Each day thus becoming memoirs to hold

The day you were born

I didn’t knew later on you will wear a horn

All day you run and hop like a bunny

Can you please really stop being so funny

I can’t even just sit relax and have my cup of tea

Oh why you are always hovering around me like a bee

You leave no stone unturned to create a mess

And now you have started to choose your own dress

Whole day you are just crazy for cars

There is not a single one now without a scar

Your plush husky is the most dearest to you

And washing it makes you go blue

Making you eat is one of the greatest dare

The agony and anguish of which I can’t even share

Whole day you are my storm in a teacup

Your infectious smile, even if I am tired, makes me go up

Since the day you were born, you are my alarm

I long for that sound sleep, my little charm

Your movement I tell you, is so swift

You don’t know but it’s your father’s gift

You were six months old when you started crawling

And mind you, since then when you sleep

I am sprawling

You have now started to babble

But let me tell you, you are no less than a rabble

When you run with those long locks

With features so, you will look a girl if you wear a frock

Day by day, we all are getting older

One day you will be taller than my shoulder

That day I will see my whole house, everything will be in place

Then I will realize, it was better in the previous phase

Today you follow me like my own shadow

Then, I will long for this very beautiful meadow

And these little fingers which are to be held upon today

Will hold ours when our hairs will turn grey

This is the life’s cycle and I am sure you will love me and agree

After all, an apple doesn’t fall far from a tree.


49 replies on “THESE LITTLE FINGERS”

I can correlate these beautiful lines about my cute and mischievous Anzi . May Almighty bless him with good health.Excellent literature work

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Ooh! This is so Exciting & Majestic that you brings it in your thoughts…
MashaAllah #Anzar 🤗 is always been a lovable child for everyone…May Allah (swt) bless you & your family with endless happiness …. AAMEEN 😊😘


Such a tender, loving poem, Samreen. My own boys are much bigger than us now and there is always the wonder of how that happened! Lovely picture, too.

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Thank you so much Gwen for your lovely comment. 💖🤗 It really leaves us in amazement as parents, how time flies. My mother keeps wondering that and now I see my boy turning 3. 😊
Take care Gwen and have a nice day🌺


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