If I Could…..

If I could, I would be a nightingale

Sitting on the boughs and singing my tales

And everyone loving my voice

Even though the fables being of my choice

I would freely soar high without any end

And thus setting up my own new trend.

If I could, I would time travel

Rectifying my past mistakes beyond my level

Reliving twice the most happy moments

Not caring much then, I now lament

Doing what I didn’t at that time

And setting up subtly my new paradigm.

If I could, I would be a phoenix

Even if I fall after a jinx

I would again rise and arise

Much stronger than my previous size

Not just I will sit back and regret

And falsely assume that I can never move ahead playing my already run out cassette

If I could, I would become invisible

And thus becoming highly invincible

I would go business class around the world for free

How much will I love not to pay and be on a shopping spree

I would help the poor and needy with loads of gifts

And watch their elated faces without getting sniffed.

If I could, I should be my own

Not being a nightingale, a phoenix or time travel or be invisible but hone

But the qualities and capabilities they symbolize, we should retain

And reflect it to others and entertain

Don’t go the easy way pretending someone you are not, so be a little wise

Thus carving in this world your own niche, your own little happy paradise.


41 replies on “If I Could…..”

Beautiful. Especially loved the ending on how we ought to embrace our selves and incorporate the qualities of nature’s objects instead of being them. ❀️

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