Strawberry Fields Forever

“The big tree vanished, there was no more darkness, no little being but a river flowing by, a beautiful daylight and an angelic beauty with wings standing beside me.”

It was 12:30 A.M. and I was watching a movie when I started to doze off, so I shut down my laptop and went to sleep. I yearn for a sound sleep and that day I thought I might get one as I was very tired.

I switched off the lights of my room and lay down. I started thinking what all I have to do this weekend and stuff like that when suddenly I heard this buzzing sound like that of a mosquito. I opened my eyes and tried to ward it off. But again after a while I heard it right on my ears and this time I can feel the air moving and stood up. I looked around, there was no sound now. So I reclined again to get back to my sleep when I saw something unusually glowing. I felt uncanny and this eerie feeling ran through me. The glow slowly faded and what I saw was beyond my imagination. There was this little human – shaped being with wings flying above me. She was a miniature fellow but a divine beauty. I was smitten and scared equally as she asked me to follow her. I asked her who she was, still she smiled and said “come, follow me”. Her euphonious voice was as if it brought tunes to my life and not resisting I followed her. She went out of the window flying and stretched out her hand for me to hold. Soon I was flying holding her hand and the euphoria I experienced couldn’t be described in words. I was wondering how a tiny being is able to carry my 70 kg. weight and then was damn scared as to where she is taking me and who actually was she? We landed in front of huge tree, I had my feet on the ground while she was still in the air.

She asked me to go inside the huge trunk to which I said, Are you serious? She held my hand and pulled me and in an instance I was there. The big tree vanished, there was no more darkness, no little being but a river flowing by, a beautiful daylight and an angelic beauty with wings standing beside me. She was no tiny anymore. Who are you and where am I?? I asked her. She smiled and said a fairy, you can say I am and you are welcome into my world. Neither could I believe my ears nor my eyes as I saw these fairies flying, laughing, and playing happily in their own world.

I asked her as to why she brought me here? She said just to enjoy and live for a while what she lives. We sat near a dream-like waterfall and I asked her, every house here is more or less the same, why?? She replied that because this is not your world, there is no poverty, no rich, no upper class or middle class or poor. We are all the same and live our lives equally. I saw one green colored beautiful stone lying down there, I looked at it and she gave it to me. At once I kept it in my trousers pocket. Then she took me to an enthralling strawberry field. I was mesmerized to see the sprawling field and the laughing fairies flying over it. I asked her how come you people here look so happy, nobody looks sad, nor alone? She told me, because we are contended with whatever we have, we help each other grow, we don’t envy anyone and are happy in each other’s happiness. Meanwhile, I also had those strawberries and they were delicious. She asked me I can take some home if I wish to and at once I put two of them in my pocket. Now, I was getting a bit comfortable with her though the fear was still lurking inside me. I asked her what was her name as she didn’t told that, she answered smiling, “Fairy”. I told her, you didn’t asked mine either, I am Rajneesh Singhal. She said, I know. What’s in a name, your heart should be pure and I know, yours is. I was a little embarrassed but extremely grateful and floating with happiness yet surprised to what she said. She said to me, you are doing a great job in your world.

To tell you, I work in an IT firm but I also do charity and run an NGO in collaboration. Most recently we rescued children working as labourers and pledged to provide them shelter and education. Besides, I also have blessings of those aged parents whose children abandon them as we provide them shelter.

 The Fairy then took me to an astonishing meadow with blooming pink and yellow flowers. I enquired her about the crime rate in her world. She laughed this time and told me, this is not your world, dear. Here, there is no crime. We are God fearing people, we don’t commit crime. While still laughing, she picked up a flower from the ground and gave it to me, Bye, take care, she said.

I heard a sound coming from far off place and slowly it grew closer and louder and louder and I stood up. My heartbeat was racing and sweat dropping down, I opened my eyes. I threw away my blanket and got out of my bed. I looked around to find the fairy, her beautiful world. She was nowhere. It was my mobile phone ringing.

Was it a dream? I asked myself, flabbergasted. I sat down, gulped little water and laughed. Oh seriously, how could that world really exist. I remembered this Beatles song then..

….”let me take you down

‘Cause I am going to, strawberry fields

and nothing is real

and nothing to get hung about


While humming the song, I ran my hand through my pocket and felt something there, my heart bounced and my mouth wide-opened, as awestruck I took out the green stone, two strawberries and the pink flower.


43 replies on “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Nice story and wonderfully narrated through a dream that actually wasn’t.
Quick takeaway: Be your own self, keep doing good to others without any discrimination and you will see rewards not only in the world we live in but other ‘fantasy’ lands as well !!

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Nice narration of Fairytale. Recalling our childhood days how much we were excited about such fantasy stories.
Really we can live such Devine life by removing all our negative feelings such as hatred..egos..jealousy..

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Oh such a beautiful story you told in first person, Samreen..I could feel your wonder, your fear and then your joyful amazement at finding your pockets still full from the treasures you brought back from her land. In this time of sickness, and doubt and greed and envy and violence and upheaval, how wonderful to fly with you to another world, where peace and goodness reign and float over strawberry fields..forever.

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Oh Habeebity 💖 that’s really so kind of you, reading your comment made my day. So happy you find it worth reading. This story I have written is one of my personal favorites as I so want to be in this illusionary world. You described my feelings actually so beautifully Karima. ❤️
Take care dear, stay safe🌺💙🤗

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