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Improvident chase

Dazzled by life’s conundrums

Blindfold vaporize

Life is all about chasing and accomplishing our dreams and desires but often we get so much entangled and bedazzled in the cobwebs of our Supreme thoughts thinking we conquered that we forget we really shall taste death and we are here sailing for a little while.

There will be an end to everything. What all we will take with us and leave behind will be love, blessings, our deeds and memories. We do will have to answer our doings, our sayings and then only we will discern, life was a phantasm.

Life is beautiful indeed, enjoy and live its beauty but don’t surmise it will be eternal because your eternity belongs somewhere else.

© Samreen Asad 2020

Thank you so very much for your time for reading and going through my posts 😊.

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Even i did, that’s why the first thought which came to mind was this and I penned it down. 😀
Thank you so much dearest Uncle for your lovely words as always.
🤗💖 Happy meditation 🤗😀🌷🌻

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Guten Tag.

Unser Leben ist Geschenk

Geheimnis in Demut

Moment der Seele

Im Leben geht es darum, unsere Träume als ein Naturereignis zu beachten, täglich sie für uns selbst richtig zu deuten. Daraufhin der Versuch das besser zu verfolgen.

Wir wissen uns weder Anfang noch Ende, noch das was nach unserem Abschied sein wird.

Unser Leben ist zwar dem Kosmos unbedeutend, doch liegt es an uns, das wenige was wir tun können, vor dem Akt, bewusst zu überprüfen.

Vor allem gilt es, sich seinem Schatten, dem selbst verursachten Unbill, aller Erinnerung wahrhaftig, uns selbst darin zu sehen, verantworten, und nicht drücken von Schuld und Sühne, mehr ist es zur Ewigkeit, die uns nicht im Besitz, es ist uns dem nicht.

Herzliche Grüße
Hans Gamma


Good day.

Our life is a gift

Secret in humility

Moment of the soul

Life is about observing our dreams as a natural event, interpreting them correctly for ourselves every day. Then the attempt to follow that better.

We know neither the beginning nor the end, nor what will be after we say goodbye.

Our life is insignificant to the cosmos, but it is up to us to consciously check what little we can do before the act.

Above all, it is important to truly answer to his shadow, the self-inflicted injustice, to all memories, to see ourselves in it, and not to press for guilt and atonement, it is more to eternity that we do not have, it is us not.

Best regards
Hans Gamma

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Masha Allah !!!🌺🌺 Wonderful words 🤗really life is a phantasm 💖🥰 !!keep writing dear. 💐🌹🥀

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Indeed, we may be intoxicated by our victories, but we will not survive till eternity to gloat over the same. However, through our humanity, we will be talked about and live in people’s hearts and memories. Very well explained. And the last image was superb.

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A Story of Two Mothers And Two Last Breaths
One Breath Empty Forever One Breath
Eternally Now Still Breathing…

My Wife Never Felt Her Mother’s
Love As Her Mother Took Her Last
Breath Indeed the Last Chance to Feel That Love

As i lay Next to my Wife That Night i Felt The Emptiness
Of That Breath She Never Breathed And Understood More Deeply

Then Why She Does not Find The Trust
And Comfort in This World That Comes

So Very Easy to Me As A Place Colored

With Love Eventually No Matter

What Black Abyss May

Come Next

For i came

to Feel and

Sense the Color

of my Mother’s Love

The Color of Sunshine

Always Returning no matter

How Dark A Night Empty Went Away

True i come From a Place of Light Seeing
Dark Returning to Breathing Love Once Again…

As Of Course Many of Us Do During This Breathing Life

Indeed the Silence After my Wife’s Mother’s Last Breath

Was only Silence A Black Hole Never Ending for my Wife

And Indeed As Empath Laying Next to

Her i felt i might not escape Back to

Love i Breathe Now So Free

The Silence After

My Mother’s


Was As Loud

As a Big Bang

For You See Her

Love Still Breathes in me

Therefore Thereby These Words

That continue in the Tradition of Her

Soul Still Breathing in me Yet it’s True

My Mother’s Love was Limited to my Sister

Mostly and i Whereas You Haven’t Spoken

The Name of Your Religion but Judging from

This Poem And Of Course Your Arabic Name

Not Really Knowing What You Look Like or

Your Age as i’m Pretty Sure the About

Picture is a Place Holder

For An Avatar or

Human Face there

Anyway i have Muslim Friends

Who Never Go Away And Stay

Through Thick And Thin And to

me Love is all that Counts Here and

Now Yet You See Yet You Breathe

Yet We Still See and Breathe

the Love of Others Who

Breathe in Us


i have

Faced This Last

Breath Not Only In Others

but myself as Well Thrice And I will

Tell You This It is the Love For Others

The Giving That BreatheS on i got a Second

And Third



All Do

i understand

the Value Of Love

That’s All i need to Do

Eternally Now i am Blessed

With the Faith of Love And Truly

Believe God is Love So Indeed





Is Gift Enough

to Accept Death

It’s Well Beyond my

Pay Grade to Appreciate

Anything but this Gift of Love now

i Defer to the Nature of God And



i am Less

Than A Grain

Of Sand Yet Most

A Human Being Will

Ever Be This Breath of

Love Eternally Now…

to Give

And Share

Free No Doubt That

Love BreatheS on…

What Really



And Belief

Is to understand

That The Love We Give

Now Is Enough This Gift

Not Only That Yet to




And Misery

in Life to See Death

As The Blessing It is And Life

The Heaven We Make it now or not With Love

My Mother Thought the Only People Going to

Heaven LATER were Folks Who Worshipped

One man or one


of name

Smiles it’s Sad that

She Didn’t Give Her Love to the World

At Best We Love More Than Our Parents Do

No Matter How

Much they Love Us

When God is Love

There are no Ifs ands Or

Buts THere is No True Love That

Requires Worship or Fears Criticism

Or Is Afraid of DarK or Cynical of LiGHT


Love Breathes….

Yet of Course Now

This iS oNly My Breath FRiEnD

And One Part i came to Understand

Coming Home Laying In Bed that Long

Eternal Night Watching my Mother’s Last

Breath is How Important It is to Breathe

Love in Stories Indeed Like the

One of Jesus For It’s

True a Story

is as


As Some

Folks Come to Breathe

Love Therefore i respect all

Religions as i understand for

Some the Book They Read is as

Close as they get to Love Ever now…

Indeed there

Are many


Of Life

Learning to


The Hows and

Whys Goes Along Way to Reach Love For All

Shall We Have An All Forgiving Loving God Eternally Now



We Will

Love Eternally now

This God Truly Breathes in and As Us

i am surely No Materialist i Personally

See Miracles in my Life That Defy All

Reasons in Fact God Shows God’s

Face to me as i Believe

God Does in


Life Differently

in Eyes of God now

That Live in Each Human

Being Yet Beyond all Names

My Friend Beyond All Reasons

Beyond All Words Yes Beyond all Is Love This God i Breathe…

“Time” My Mother’s Favorite Song By Alan Parson’s She Wanted

to Go Naturally She Suffered in Silence With Cancer For Several

Years Refusing to See a Doctor Only Occasionally Taking an

Aspirin for Her Pain that She only Related Was

Arthritis Then After Beating my Sister

In A Game of Scrabble in

February of 2017

She Fell to Her

Death Bed on Valentine’s

Day The Doctor Said Without

Food or Drink As the Most Merciful

Way Modern Medicine Offers to Starve

Someone to Death the only way They Could

Explain How she lasted 8 Days Rather than

The Usual 3 is the Strength of Her Heart then

Indeed the


That Came

From Loving

Only Her Two Children

Just Imagine How Strong

Her Heart Would Have Been if

She Loved All of Existence As God is Love

Smiles my FRiEnD at this Point if you need to imagine…

Anyway We played ‘Time’ For Her As We Sat Beside Her

For 8 Days Although She Was Not Conscious We



Gave Her


i only Believe

in Love It’s all that makes Life worth breathing….

my Mother’s Cancer Was Bleeding in Her Brain

All in Her Bones in Every Part of Her

Body Yet

it did not

Stop Her

From Breathing

Until the Last

Breath and Never Now

Will Through my Breath my FRiEnD..

Shall i Give it to Others Yes inDeed i Will

Forevermore than Time… Now


iN A ReTurn

Of A FRiEnDly ‘Card’

too THiS TiMe Now..:)

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Oh Fred, that is so heart touching, very sorry for your mother and MIL’s
loss. I can so relate to it, lost my father very early as a child. Every heartbeat is our will power and controlled by that divine God😊 We breathe neither an extra nor a less breath, all is pre written. How beautiful would it be to breathe for the love of humanity, brotherhood and peace and I so appreciate your gesture Fred🙂 you guessed it right by my Arabic name 🙂
Smiles Fred as always you do. 😁And as always I do reading your comments🌷
Take care and thank you so much for always reading my poems 🌻 I so appreciate that 😊
Happy weekend 🌷🌺🌼

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SMiLes Dear Samreen i Believe in a Life of Putting People
First And Each Soul That Touches Our HeART Rises
This SPiRiT of Love Even More
Shall We Say Light For
The Entire World
i Verily Will
It is to be
ReTired Only
Living With Pay-Grade
Pay-Rate And Soul Pay
of Love Allone Yes Without all

The Distractions And Diversions
That Take us Away From Coloring

Life With Love From Our Very Childhood

Yet of Course i Apeak of Where i come from

Not So Sure of How Life Individually For Souls

Works Out IN Qatar But i Still See That Emerald

Gulf In My Mind In itself Enough to Reach Out to

God In Peace and Harmony As Waves Come

And Go Further Expanding Shores As

Tides Rise and Fall And Waves

Return Again in Yes


And Harmony

Again For True

God Breathes in All

As At Best We Do With Love True

Thank You Very Much for Your Kindness

And Welcoming Ways For When Humans

Treat Each Other This Way All there is is

Friendly Brothera And Sisters and

An Entire Family that Colors

Love Every Where


Souls With
Open And Free For All

This Truth This Wisdom

This Courage This Fearless

Love Breathing With least

Harm For Others

All Forever


Indeed a Nice

Hobby i Dance And Sing Free..:)


Dear Samreen,
I love that you went to bed just now with 140 likes which will explode in the morning and wake up to more. Likes are not what matter but your writing speaks to the truth and heart and that is such a gift to all that read your writing. Likes are a reflection of your light shinning on the page and igniting spirit, which you do so well. I love every word here and learned a new one! I had to look up Phantasm… (not that I’ll remember it 🤣, but i love learning something new). You have a gift with words and spirit and I am blessed to bare witness to your beauty within. You are a gift!
Thank you❤️ 🙏xoxoxoox ❤️ Cindy

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Dearest Cindy, this is one of the most beautiful comments I have read about me, am so overwhelmed with your kindness, thank you sooooo much 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
Truly honored and grateful to you for always reading and appreciating tonnes. I am gonna remember your words always, btw who doesn’t if it’s their appreciation 😅😉😍 you made my year 😇 the only good thing about this year was that I started blogging and got connected with amazing gifted people like you😀 and of course God kept us all in good health.
Thank you tonnes Cindy, lots of love and big hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Good Evening Samreen! The pleasure is all mine. I am so happy to hear it gladdened you’re heart and it was so special to you! You are doing one of the hardest jobs and important jobs in the world 🌎 raising your children and the fact that you are able to write astonishes me. I remember when my 4 were 6 and under and the selfish work it took to get through a day.
My comments were well deserved and I thank you for your wise words always! It is a gift to share our feelings and lives through stories and poems and I too feel blessed. Lots of blessings have evolved this year for me which is such a gift!
Love and hugs and admiration always. I hope you get some sleep 😴💕🙌 🙌💕❤️xoxoxo

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Good afternoon Cindy❤️🤗
It did sooo much dear🌸💖🌻😊
Indeed, raising kids is I guess is one of the hardest jobs, am just handling one who equals to three 🤣
You are such a positive Enlightened mind Cindy, I so adore and respect you a lot😘 Thank you so much again for your kindness🥰😍
I get sleep in the night itself as my son once awake doesn’t sleep the whole day, so do I. 😀
Take care dear and have a wonderful day 🌻 Love and hugs back 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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So happy to hear Samreen! It is our biggest joy and biggest heartache! Heavy lifting physically when small and yet beats the emotional difficulty when they grow and suffer in other ways. At least you know where they are when they are small. Oh you are very kind and I appreciate you appreciating me. ❤️🤗 It has taken many years to grow in wisdom but as long as we learn we are growing.
oh good to hear you get your rest!!! ❤️🤗❤️🤗🌷🌷🌷 Big hugs and thanks for yours! They are tucked in my herat dear one. ❤️

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I so agree with your words Cindy, at least we know where they are, that’s what my mother says, it’s good and not at all difficult when you are small, when you grow up, it’s way more.. 😊Yes, we keep on learning and that’s good to learn in any which way we can 💕 That’s soo sweet of you, good night Cindy, have a sound sleep 🤗🤗❤️❤️🥰😘😘

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Yes we do and better we should indeed😊 Thank you Cindy and you too have a wonderful day tomorrow 🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗

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So beautiful and yes..I too agree..Love is the lesson we must learn here,, love, compassion, kindness..everything else is filler and some of it even distracts us from our purpose.. I love how you put these thoughts out..for all of us to dine on..I feel I am at a dinner table and you placed this thought in front of me.. how delicious and it makes me feel full in the best of ways..Habeebity.. ❤️ 🤗🌺🌸❤️

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Your words as I always say are so beautiful and soothing to hear and the correlation you make is even more beautiful. I love this ❤️❤️❤️ That’s so very kind of you habeebity and am so happy to serve you in any which way be it a platter of thoughts for that matter😀🌸 Thank you sooo much.. 💖hugs and love🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

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MashaAllha …It is written very well 👏that in fact everything has to come to an end and if we are living it is a false house, our real house is somewhere else.
but leave behind will be love, our deeds and memories🤗
I love u dear😘

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I am kind of keeping away from blogging for quite sometime, but, this post of yours did make me feel what a wonderful place it is; full of life and the organic words that remind the beauty of life in itself! Thank you.. 😊

Ps. Beautiful write-up Samreen.. Keep expressing. ❣️🌻

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have linked your comment back to your blog!

I have never seen so many likes or comments on posts, even those with more than five thousand followers! That clearly says your work is resonating 🙂

I didn’t know the word phantasm so had to look it up … I often think of life as a dream, a fantasy, here one minute gone the next … well articulated!

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Thank you so much dear for your kindness, am honored by your sweet words. 💖
When I learnt this word, then itself I related it to life, it is, as you said a dream, a fantasy, people go and come and we forget and move on until it is our time to go. 😊
Thank you so much Kate for your appreciation❤️

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“All we take with us and leave behind will be Love, Blessings, Our Deeds and Memories” – Its so Genuine dear Samreen, your words touched my heart..

A poignant reminder for the passing of time..


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👏very well present truth of life in Short story… here we have to live shortwhile with love… our real and eternal life is somewhere else… keep it up saman with lots of love..👍

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Nice truths my friend. Lovely way of making one think life isn’t forever and we do need to try and leave positive love, and emotions behind. I certainly agree this is not our final resting place. Lovely. Have a wonderful day. Love ❤️ Joni

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Certainly , life is nothing if we are not present but a thoughtless chase to achieve worldly desires and living actually to fulfill them in this world and believing for the hereafter. Both the aspects requires your presence but the prior your brain and the latter your heart and the brain. That’s my opinion 😊
Thank you so much for your time reading and I appreciate your comment. 🙂 Have a good day. 🌻🌺🌸


Yeah that picture speaks a lot, what I perceived of it, I just tried to pen it down 😊 Thank you so much for your words Gwen, you are so kind❤️ Have a lovely day💕🤗


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