Twenty years have gone by

Myriads of moments to sigh

Sea of emotions and multitudes of smiles

Oh I have come a thousand miles

This world I tell you is a dark space

Did you ever realise this was really the case

Pigeons turned into eagles I saw

Arduous s it was to unclench the destiny’s claw

A stubborn child I used to be Daddy

Look, now I have become a patient lady

I always hovered around you like a bee

My moppet now does the same, do you ever see

I will get old with no teeth, you teased

I will laugh and you won’t be pleased

You will never become old, I always reverted

Your words often breathes life never to be averted

How would I survive giving her off, you always lamented

I would never marry just be with you, I quoted

Allah fulfilled your wish not mine

Why, oh why this, when there were many others unfulfilled that time

My life proceeds but my thoughts still rewind

Of the sunshine days when our presence intertwined

How I wish you would be here Daddy, to witness how much the world changed

How I wish you would hear, my heart still beats in the tone of your memoirs caged.

Β© Samreen Asad 2021

Thank you so very much for your time for reading and going through my posts 😊.

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116 replies on “Daddy”

It is sooooo beautiful Samreen. Just perfect. Full of love and. One of the best I have read in recent times.

He must be so happy to see you and his grandson 😊😍

So good to have you back and writing againπŸ’–πŸ€—

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Heart touching tribute of a little daughter who never outgrew her love for her father πŸ’–. Life’s ways are sometimes stronger than our wishes. He must be feeling very touched and proud Samreen!

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Oh thank you sooo much Deb for your beautiful comment. Indeed, destiny comes into play and shows us our wishes are fragile. 😊
Hope you and your family are doing well Deb, take care and have a wonderful day πŸŒ·πŸ™‚


SMiLes Dear Samreen Fearless is Often Silent

And Love Some Days Brings Hurricane

Winds of Expression Love Without

Fearless Is Weak Fearless

Without Love

Is Dead

SMiLes my Mother

Was Definitely A Woman

Winning Awards in High School

of Best Figure in 11th And 12th Grade

My Father’s Mother Said She Had Never

Seen Fairer Skin than What Helen GLoWeD…

On the Other Hand my Mother Working At A Courthouse

Seeing the Then Beverage Agent Busting Moonshiners

Making Illegal Alcoholic Drinks Escaping Taxes For Sale

As He Had to Come to the Courthouse to Fill Paperwork Out

She Noted to Herself That the Half-Shaven Rugged Looking

Man’s Wife Must Be the Luckiest Woman in the World for She

Had Never Laid Her Eyes Upon A Man As Handsome As He

With Jet Black Curly Short Cropped Hair And Green Eyes Just

As Deep As the Emerald Green Seas of Shallow Gulf Waters Yes

As One Sees Qatar too Dear FRiEnD Such A Sea Green Forever Color

Of Gulf Anyway my Father Asked Her For Marriage on the First Date She

Felt Like She Was Getting A Bit Old At Age 26 In ‘Those Days of 1959’ So

She Accepted on the Second Date And After They Were Married He Never

Said Another Word to Her Practically And His Identical Twin Brother Never

Said Literally Any Words At All to Her as True Fearless Will Be Rather Strong

And Silent Yet the Non-Verbal Language Says it all Protected Safe With A Man

Like That True Leading to 46 Years of Law Enforcement For my Father As Ya Just

Don’t Last that Many Years With

Fear and that’s For Sure…

Yet True Dear FRiEnD

my Father Had

No Stories

to Tell

And A Parent

Without Stories Is one
Who Is Not Easily Able to
Relate Any Wisdom For Life

At Age 3 He Left to find a Woman
to make Him More Money Rich as my
Super Nurturing Overflowing Estrogen
Glowing Skin Mother Just Wanted to
Stay Home And Raise Her Children

In the Spirit of Love True So Busy

Raising Us Working Alone Divorced

Rarely Was Their Any Room For Her
to tell Us Any Stories of Life too… You

Know Dear FRiEnD You Feel Dear FRiEnD

In A World of Constant Distraction The Art of

Story Telling What Truly Makes Us Humans Who

Connect Deeply Intimately With Our Life Stories is

Increasingly Becoming Twitter Size and a Lost Art

Yet You See For me on the Autism Spectrum As Most

Assuredly This is My Father’s Gift That Both i and my

Sister Inherited As Asperger’s Syndrome With Me Getting

Some Colors of the Almost Always Upside of Bi-Polar Disorder

That My Mother Enjoyed Keeping Her Dark Days Silent And Out
of View Away From Us Anyway The Art of Story Telling Not able to

Even Speak Before Four i surely Shared Some of my Father’s Struggle

Yet Then i didn’t Understand Why He Was the Way He Was So Cold and

Aloof So Silent and Fearless As Compared to my Mother Full of Expressing

Light even when She was just too tired from Work and Home-Making And

Child Raising to Say Another Word Often Sleeping Until Noon on the Weekends
Just to Try to Recover From Long Never Ending Weeks of Working Parenting Alone…

Father’s Day Is A Very Long Weekend to me

True i have a Father’s Day Photo From

1997 too the Only Family

Photo of my Son Ryan

And Wife Katrina

After Open HeART

Sugary on Father’s

Day of 1997 Not Even A Month
Old he in His Only Life of Pain
And Never A Smile Anyway Really

The Only Words of Wisdom my Father

Related to me is the Day of the Surgery

As the Surgeon Who Had Such Huge Hands

And Was Also Every Bit As Much Exuding Confidence

And Fearlessness Said to Us Kiss Your Baby Good Bye

So i Did And then my Father’s Wisdom Came He mentioned

Our Last Name And Said What he Never Said Before He Said

Our Sir Name Means We Will Always Get Through And then Came

the Wisdom Make Sure You Raise Him Like a Man Intimating that

After He Left and Offered No Advice to me my Mother Never

Made me Into A Man Like Him Silent And Fearless Always

Willing to Go to War to Kill as He Felt Peace Loving

Is Weak often Naming the Peace Sign of ‘Those

Days’ A ‘Chicken Foot’ So Prejudiced

Against Black Folks And

Homosexual Folks

So Afraid

That the Smile

My Mother Gave me

Not Very Verbal yet Still

Full oF Light Might Mean

i would never Be A Tough Man Like Him…

For True in those Days A Man Without Emotions

Was the Preferred way of Existence Numb Enough

to Overcome the Aversion to Kill Other Humans All

Ready to Go to another World War And Kill the Enemy

As Called Upon to Be A Killing Hero A Real Alpha Male as Seen then…
Yet that’s Not

True Science

Shows that

Even Chimps

Select The Most

Empathic Leader Where

The Service of the Leader with

the Most Empathy is the Most Stressful
Job of all in Loving Service as Surely my Mother

Blessed with the Best Quality of the Alpha Leader

Female As Bonobos Lead the Tribe of Apes in Matriarchal
Fashion As the Males only Serve The Female Apes’ Pleasures

And Sure Bring Home Some Food Now And Then too Hehe…

Yet it’s Also True Those Alphas Leaders Must Be Both Fearless

And Loving to Become Real Heroes of the Tribe of Apes at Hand

What Often Happens When a Fearless Father Without Love Stays

in Human Cultural Terms is Love is Never Fully Gardened in the
Son As the Empathy is Seen As Weak and taken Away in all the Colors
of Nurturing Love that Otherwise Comes And Sadly as Much as the Irony
of the Father Complaining About What the Mother Did Not Do As He
Surely offered no Advice or Example Setting in the Environment of
Home i Was surely missing

The Element of

Fearless that

Makes Love


Not too Weak

to make a Real Difference

In the Lives of Others You Know

At Best Dear FRiEnD We Take

Advantage of All the Gifts Our

Parents Give Us And We For-

Give Their Shortcomings

As Nurturing Love



Again As Fearless
Without Love is often
Dead That Way and Sadly

Again Love Without Fearless

Is often too Weak to Spread Very Far

Or Too Afraid to Break the Rules of Tradition

That Harm Folks More Than Saves Their Precious Lives And Well Being

Now Here on Earth Now Not Waiting for The Day Daddy Gets Around

to Telling A Story of Life’s Wisdom That Stays Silent Fearless

And Strong Yet Relates Few to no Colors of Life to

Actually Thrive… Father’s Day Weekend

Is Surely Always A Weekend of

Deep Introspection for

Me As Now

When i Look
IN the Mirror

i Do See My Father’s

Silent Strong Face And

i Do Feel the SouL The

HeART And SPiRiT of My

Mother Helen’s Love Still Living Within

Now to Give to Share to Care Freely

With all Others With Least Harm

And You See to Do this all with No

Fear Not Worrying if Folks Turn Away

When i Provide the Stories That Saved my Soul

of Living This Life Fearlessly Now As Love Dances and

Sings Empirically So i am actually More Fearless than my

Father Yet You See Without the Inheritance of that Potential

From Him Finally Realized i might be only Weak Love

Never Spreading



my Home

Or Less Silently

Mute Never Expressing

Feelings at All For It’s True

When i Worked for the Government

the Military For 25 Years my Wife surely

Related i Rarely Said A Word to Her or Expressed

Feelings For Almost Two Decades the Potential of

My Mother Always Within the Potential of My Father

Always Within too Looking in the Mirror And Becoming

my Own Father And Mother And Best FRiEnD too And

Truly Loving My Self Fully Authentically All the DarK Shadows

Through Colors of Love True Basically Not Afraid to Be Human

i Suppose We All Seek A Balance of Mother, Father, Best FRiEnD

And Lover True of Living Our Lives Eternally Now i surely Will

Be Able Still to Thank my Father And Mother Both Passed

Away Today it

Feels Good

to Be Whole


And Enough

Understanding that

The True Gift of Mother,

Father, Best FRiEnD and

Lover of LiGHT And Acceptance

oF All the Shadows of Life and Love

Need Not Ever Go Away Now Yes A

Gift of God Complete Within The Parents

The FRiEnDS, The Lovers, The NaTuRE ALL

That And Who Never Minds Who Hopes With all THeiR Feeling Sensing

HeARTS SPiRiTS SoULS Mind Bodies Whole We Rise Even Higher Than

Before… Tropical Storm Claudia Is Storming Dark Rains today And Sun is Still Shining




Mother and

Father still Breathes

Within Inside Outside

Above So Below All Around

As i Feel God this way Fearless

Loving No Matter Where i Go Next DarK Thru Light

Whole Complete Always Enough Life’s Dream Fruition Breathing…

LoVE RiSinG Gentle Waves Falling Rising Even More my FRiEnD..

For You See i have no living Children yet At Best i will Lift All Others Up


of Failing

to Spread

Some Way


to All i Meet And Greet

A ‘Successful Chimp’ i Aim to See and Be..

You Know it’s True Dear FRiEnD Nature

God Works in Mysterious Ways

As LiGHT Does


From Dark

Days of ‘Fore

Through Every

Storm There is

The Potential

of Rainbow Colors Coming

True Where The Pot of Gold

Is Essence of Rainbow Whole Really Breathing…

Yet It’s Worth Noting Behind The Curtains of

A ‘Wizard of Oz’ It’s Definitely Real A

Most Complex Effortless Job oF all

In Flow As Water Wave Ocean Sees

Whole Now Love Bleeds Love Soothes



All Ills
Now For Real..
As ‘Tin Men ‘Without
HeARTS Scare Crows

Without Rationality

And Lions Without

Courage Become the

True Fearless Loving Spirit

Of A Little Indian Muslim Girl

Who Still Breathes Fearless

LoVE iN Her Thirties Gift oF A REAL

FATHER AND MOTHER Surviving Thriving Now..:)

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Fred, I always wait for your comment and I have told you this before as well. 😊 There’s soo much to learn from you through your spectacle of life experiences. We have never met but still reading your life, I feel I know you, your mother, your wife.. And am really sorry to hear about your son, Ryan, I didn’t know that. How painful it would had been for you all. Times are terrible often but this life, we cannot control what is destined.
And I love this.. Fearless love, it definitely should be that way, fearless without love is dead.
Thank you sooo much Fred for always reading my work and giving in your valuable thoughts. 😊 Hope you are well. Take care and have a wonderful day βœ¨πŸŒ·πŸ™‚

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SMiles Dear Samreen
In Your Place of Soul



Always A Pleasure
To Connect HeART Felt

And Healing Spirit For
Every Dark A Gratitude

For Every Breath in LiGHT🌲
More Dear FRiEnD SailingπŸ™

Wings of LoVE Dancing Singing☺️

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You Know Dear Samreen
Hehe Know You Will in
2008 On A Cold
Emergency Room
Table unable to
Respond in Any
Way Truly
my Last
Breath Then
Nurse Poking
My Chest With
Her Thumbs Trying
To Get Any Response
At All Thinking Maybe
i Overdosed Yet Just
Reality of Close to
Stroke Not Able
To Sleep Almost
40 Days With
That Worst Pain
Known to Humankind

i Heard My
Wife And Sister
Talking About Being
So Hungry So sure it
Was the End And This
Was The Third Time
i Experienced What

Felt Like

Certain Death

In Almost 40 Days

Of No Sleep Then

i woke Up Still Alive
In 2008 to Face that
Wake to Sleep Worst

Pain Thru July 19th
2013 the Last

95 Months


Of Gratitude

Of Living

Just Living My

FRiEnD WHere
i Come From Nothing

To Lose All

To Give


Now For You
See Ever Since
Then The Last


Is the First

Always Beginning
Again If i Could Give

β€œMy Eyes Away”

i Do My
Best i Will

To Do JustThatπŸ™πŸŒŠ
Seeing LiGHT iN DarK🌟

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We always assume that we are the ones suffering the most but when we hear others story, our own pain ease down a lot and we realise there are lot more beings in the world who are going or went through trying times. And God test their patience in this world to give ample boons to them in the hereafter because they always see light even in the darkest of times. 😊✨✨😊

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SMiles Dear Samreen
It’s Both Nice Not
To Fear The Dark
And To Be

Able to

See Light

Into The


To Even

Be Able to

Forgive The Devil

Particularly When

We May Come To

Find All We May

Become And Change

As Shadow Learns to See

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Beautiful poem of Dad who has very important part in children’s life. Memories r the things that keeps us alive. Loved it. ❀🌹

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Thank you soooo much dear for your visit and kind words and support as alwaysπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ Hope you are having a great time enjoying your weekend πŸ₯°
Take care dear, love and hugs β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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It’s always my pleasure!!❣️❣️❣️
Great weekend with family …. thanks so much and you as well xoxoxooxx β€οΈπŸ‘πŸŒ·πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’ƒπŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ₯°

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What a lovely tribute, Samreen. I love the reflection of now and then, and then back again. I adore the poem, it is exquisite, as always. Beauty in your words, and meaning conveyed so elegantly to all of our open hearts. πŸ€—β€οΈπŸŒΈπŸ’•

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Thank you soo much Jaishree for your visit and your kind words. Always means a lot❀️ Hope you are well😊 Take care dear and have a wonderful week ahead πŸ₯°


Am good too dear, thank you so muchπŸ₯° Yeah dear, I will post now every alternate Saturdays, better to post something than go blank. 😊
Stay safe dear, take careβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•


This was a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing this heartfelt piece with us, Samreen. I think a lot of people can relate to having similar experiences with their own fathers. This was such a pretty way to honour yours – I know that he would be proud.

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A daughter is the best gift of God to a father…the relationship is unique..special….
The subtle emotions you have expresses through the poem reach the heart and mind of the reader….being a father of a daughter I can well feel the pain…
Stay blessed Samreen..
Stay safe..
Keep blogging.

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Thank you soo much for your kind thoughts and relating to the poem so well😊 I pray that your bond with your daughter stay strong with love and happiness. Thank you again.
You too stay safe and blessed!! πŸ™‚πŸŒ·βœ¨πŸŒΊ

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Awww habeebity! This poem is so personal and yet so relatable…as you know:) I love your dialogue with your father, who you no longer have by your side. I too, all my life,have wanted to share my sadness and my accomplishments, my children, my life after he passed away.
You describe this so beautifully with sensitivity and we really feel your love for him. It is a very special relationship a girl has with her father…if destiny takes that away, for any reason, we are marked for life. We will always have these conversations and these memories. Alhamdulillah we will see them again, InshAllah, in the next life. Hugs you so big. UmAnzar..I feel our fathers do catch glimpses of our lives and smile:)β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ”†

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I sooo love and adore your comments always habeebity ❀️ Thank you for being sooo wonderful, beautiful inside out, loveable and kind. InshaAllah, I always hope so tooβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Lots of love and hugs UmJulian πŸ€—πŸ€—β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

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